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Timo Willen


2023: cooperation and art projects @kinderschutzbund oldenburg

2023: family art classes @landesmuseum oldenburg

2023: participation as teacher  @art project "übersatt"

since 2022: working as teacher for early artistic education @kunstschule oldenburg

2012-2018 carl von ossietzky university, oldenburg

arts & philosophy, graduation: bachelor of arts 

focus on traditional printing techniques

(cyanotype, woodcut, dry point @katia liebmann)

2014 leading of work group "abstract painting" @paulusschule Oldenburg

(6th - 9th grade)

2005-2012 clemens-august gymnasium, cloppenburg

graduation: zentralabitur, focus: art

born in cloppenburg, germany, 1993


2023 / 24: current work @stube oldenburg

2023: print exhinition, poland 

2023: dress:code, exhibition and runway show @maschinenhalle oldenburg

2022: mixed media and printwork @stube oldenburg

2022: ReClaim festival (exhibition and organisation)

2022: s/unplugged exhbition @alte maschinenhalle oldenburg

2022: group exhibition in context of "day of creative temporary use of vacancies"

2022: freiRaum @showTime 8

2020: "pictures of mankind and nature" @marvins oldenburg

2019: freiRaum @showTime 7

2018: freiRaum @showTime 6

2017: freiRaum @showTime 5

2016: freiRaum @showTime 4

2016: kulturcafé ohne namen @polyester oldenburg

2015: freiRaum @showTime 3

2014: showTime 2 @university oldenburg

2013: showTime @university oldenburg

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