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welcome to my homepage, where i present some work of mine.

i work with a variety of different media. i do printing techniques, such as woodcut and dry point, but mainly i am doing cyanotype prints and mixed media works. 

in general, most available art is for sale. some work is listed in the shop, otherwise please use the contact form if you're interested. also i offer to do cyanotype workshops or sell material to try out by yourself.


i love to collaborate. working together you always learn from each other and help recognize aspects in your work that you don't - or no longer - see. 

especially working with children helps us to not forget to see the world through the eyes of a child, the spirit of discovery or the creative way to solve problems.

 all that is not only helpful in creating art, but also in daily life. 


i tried to categorize, so feel free to click on the buttons below to see some artwork. 

online exhibition

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