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cyanotyped - pictures of mankind 

                          and nature

click to see some artwork of my 

2020 exhibition

cyanotype is an old photographic printing process which creates prints in beautiful cyan-blue shades.

first used to copy drawings or document the shapes of different plants in the 19th century

it is now an almost forgotten technique due to improved photography.

it's a handcrafted print:

 you mix the chemicals

with water which creates a

 photosensitive mixture.

this you can apply to an absorbent underground, blow-dry and expose to uv rays –

special light bulbs or the sun itself.


by using negative images it’s possible to create blue-shade photoprints in any size and form – and by changing time of exposure,

composition of chemicals or the surface

different results can be achieved.

current works: the chinese zodiac papercut seires


the happy high hippos (renewed)


renewed series 

series of 8 motives

edition: 6

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